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Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay Reviews


Posted on August 10 2022

Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay

Anime Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay Reviews

Author/Source: @florenciasofen instagram.com/florenciasofen

Hello there! ~
Here we are in a new, incredible and amazing review! You know I’m into manga-anime in the latest months and it will go for long! This time we are making a review of a new character that appeared in my life in the latest months: Nazuna Nanakusa from Call of the night.

I’m absolutely happy of working again with Cosplay Clans store! They were very kind and try to give their best in all theis products. It’s always a pleasure!

This cosplay is from the main character of the anime, Nazuna. She’s a vampire but not in an ol way. Her design is very simple but very cool! It’s made in few but very accurate parts that includes the jacket, the main top, the shorts, a belt, socks and teeth. They also send me the wig and I think it’s one of my favourites by far!
<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0376/1956/4683/files/3_441383a2-0d1d-4057-974c-818cd6b28738.jpg?v=1660119881" alt="Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" />
Both trousers and jacket are made with a polyester fabric, very soft and confy. The top is made with elastic vynil and the socks are made of spandex. The whole costume is has very strong seams (specially the top, that is fitter). The belt are very strong and the design is very simple but effective.
Matching the elastic vynil with the polyester make a great contrast and give different textures. You know that simple designs must be very accurate to work well, and CosplayClans did it in a great way.

This time, I pick an M because of the trousers. The jacket look a little big at first but it keeps the form (specially the neck) and looks similar to the show. It only has two buttons, and the top & shorts have zippers. The pants were also perfect for my hips (90cm) and long enough. The top was a little big but I fit it with a good bra.

Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay

The Nazuna Nanakusa wig is made in three pieces: the main one and it incudes both braids. They are attached with a clip and also have both ribbons. The color is very special and very accurate, similar to the show one. The main wig is so thick, it has a lot of hair in a good way and it’s very easy to stylish. They also made the Z form on the base of the hair and it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with this product.
Call of the Night Nazuna Nanakusa Cosplay
The shipping was very fast! and it was very well packed. They where very fast answering all the questions and tried to help me in all the ways.
They are always on time. They are very very kind and try to give their best to have a perfect service!

With all of these points, i think they get a very good product and they get very well the whole look of the design.



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