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Cosplay As a Lifestyle, Get to Know Better the Trend and Passion


Posted on June 08 2023


Cosplay As a Lifestyle, Get to Know Better the Trend and Passion

Over the past few years, such a movement as cosplay has been actively developing. Interest in this practice is growing steadily every year. Today, cosplay is turning from an ordinary hobby into a whole media industry, a kind of culture that has its own characteristics.

A special language in the world of cosplay

Cosplay is the art of reincarnation, which allows you to reveal the most unexpected abilities of its participants. In fact, cosplay is a special kind of activity in which, with the help of the most accurate copying of a favorite character from a movie, book, anime, cartoon or game, a person who seems to be reborn as a different person. This transformation process includes creating a costume, applying the same make-up as the character, imitating his character, facial expressions and plasticity.

The very word "cosplay" came from a mixture of two words - "costume play", that is, "costume game". The term was coined in 1984 by Japanese journalist Takahashi after he attended one of the thematic meetings in Los Angeles.

Cosplay development path

The history of the development of cosplay begins in the 30s-60s of the last century. When the whole world became interested in science fiction, which contributed to a huge interest in reincarnations in a variety of characters. And the impetus for strengthening the movement of cosplayers was festivals dedicated to American comics. 1970 is an important milestone in the history of cosplay.

Cosplay is a fairly young trend that came to the Western countries only at the beginning of the 21st century. Despite such a late appearance, the interpretation of the characters is considered professional and high-quality.

Types of cosplay

There are no specific genres in cosplay, but there are six main types of cosplay. The first of these is the standard cosplay. Dressing up, makeup and reincarnation. In this form, cosplay for anime, films, cartoons, the music industry, comics, musicals, books, historical characters is widespread. It includes not only a costume and makeup, but also weapons, scenery, and landscapes.

Cosplay can also be prepared for photo shoots. In this case, the cosplayer copies only facial expressions, costume, gestures and tries to convey the special atmosphere of the character. This type is called photo cosplay. When a cosplayer creates a character himself, and does not choose him, then this is an original cosplay. For a cosplayer, such work is a pure flight of fancy. The last type of cosplay is cosplay body art, which involves drawing a costume on the skin.

In addition to the species presented, there are various directions that are divided into fandoms. Fandom is a subculture made up of fans of a particular cultural work, fictional universe, or art style. Currently, there is increasing attention to "old" fandoms - films, animated series of the 2000s, such as, for example, W.I.T.C.H or Disney films. Many cosplayers are now inspired by games and recently released anime. Game world is very appreciated by cosplay specialists, so it gambling online world. For these kinds of virtual world lovers, we recommend you to try the big bamboo slot demo to see how entertaining and thrilling the game is. Have a try!

It became popular to make "fem" and "mail" versions of characters, that is, to imagine what a character would look like if he was of the opposite sex.

Cosplay As a Social Phenomenon

Cosplay has become more and more popular lately. And this is easy to explain, because it allows you to escape from reality, try on the role of another person, feel like a hero of a comic book or movie, and show yourself in a different light. Cosplay is also relevant because it helps to go beyond the limits set by society, find your alternative "I" and explore your inner world. Cosplay is a universal tool for developing the hidden corners of the personality.

Despite the contradictory opinions that exist in society, cosplay is not just entertainment, but a reflection of the interests of the modern world. This is a great opportunity for like-minded people of the same subculture to have a great time and try on different roles.

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