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How to make a cosplay of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury


Posted on March 30 2023

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury cosplay costumes

How to make a cosplay of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Cosplay has been a popular trend in recent years, allowing fans to dress up as their favorite characters and bring them to life. One of the most beloved series in the anime community is Mobile Suit Gundam, with its iconic designs and characters. In this article, we will be exploring how to make a cosplay of The Witch from Mercury, a character from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Firstly, let's take a look at who The Witch from Mercury is. The Witch, also known as Four Murasame, is a character from the anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. She is a powerful Newtype, a special type of human with heightened psychic abilities. Four is a pilot of the mobile suit Psyco Gundam, which is one of the most powerful suits in the series.

To start creating a cosplay of The Witch from Mercury, the first step is to gather reference images. It is important to have a clear idea of what the character looks like in order to create an accurate cosplay. Look for images of the character from different angles and with different expressions to get a well-rounded view of their appearance.

Next, it's time to start gathering materials. The Witch's outfit consists of several key pieces. The first piece is a black and silver jumpsuit with a white collar. The jumpsuit is form-fitting, so it's important to choose a fabric that will stretch and move with you. Spandex or a spandex blend is a good choice for this.

The next piece is a black cape with silver trim. The cape is floor-length and flows behind the character as she moves. For this, a lightweight fabric such as chiffon or organza would work well.

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The Witch also wears black gloves with silver detailing on the backs of the hands. Look for gloves that are fingerless, as this will make it easier to handle props and move your hands freely.

The final piece of The Witch's outfit is her helmet. The helmet is silver with black accents and has a distinctive shape. This is the most complex part of the costume to create, as it requires a lot of detail work. It's recommended to use foam or worbla to create the helmet, as these materials are easy to shape and can be painted to look like metal.

Once you have all the necessary materials, it's time to start putting the costume together. Begin by creating the jumpsuit. Use a pattern or create your own by tracing around a well-fitting jumpsuit. Cut out the fabric and sew the pieces together. Be sure to leave a seam allowance to ensure a good fit.

Next, create the cape. Cut out a large rectangle of fabric and hem the edges. Sew silver trim along the edges of the cape. It's recommended to attach the cape to the jumpsuit using snaps or hooks so that it can be easily removed.

The gloves are easy to create. Simply find fingerless gloves that fit well and sew silver detailing onto the backs of the hands.

Finally, it's time to create the helmet. Begin by creating a base out of foam or worbla. This should be the basic shape of the helmet. Once you have the base, begin adding details such as the black accents and the visor. This can be done using more foam or worbla.

When all the pieces of the costume are complete, it's time to put everything on and become The Witch from Mercury. In addition to the costume, it's important to consider hair and makeup. The Witch has short, dark hair and wears silver eyeshadow.

For hair, consider getting a wig or cutting and styling your own hair to match the character. For makeup, silver eyeshadow and black eyeliner will help you achieve The Witch's signature look.

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The Witch from Mercury can be a fun and rewarding project for fans of Mobile Suit Gundam. By gathering reference images, choosing the right materials, and putting in the time and effort to create each piece of the costume, cosplayers can bring this powerful Newtype to life.

It's important to keep in mind that cosplay is about having fun and expressing your love for a particular character or series. Don't worry if your costume isn't perfect or if it doesn't look exactly like the reference images. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and share your passion with others who share your love for Mobile Suit Gundam.

When attending conventions or events in your cosplay, be sure to follow any rules and guidelines set by the organizers. Respect other cosplayers and attendees, and be open to meeting new people who share your interests.

In conclusion, making a cosplay of The Witch from Mercury can be a fun and challenging project for fans of Mobile Suit Gundam. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a little creativity, cosplayers can bring this iconic character to life and share their love for the series with others. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process, and you'll have a memorable cosplay that you can be proud of.

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