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LOL Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay Reviews


Posted on May 26 2023

LOL Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

The cooperative Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay costume and wig, the package arrived soon after two weeks. No problem, just like other packages. I didn't see any reviews of this costume from other customers when I purchased it, but I have experience buying cosplay costumes and wigs from Cosplayclans so I know the quality will not be a problem.

The Star Guardian outfit for League of Legends Kaisa is identical to the one published in the Cosplay Clans online store. I made a mistake at checkout and ended up taking a larger size, but it wasn't a big deal to adjust. So I suggest everyone, when choosing a size, please carefully refer to the parameters in the size chart to choose the size, or you can contact the customer service of Cosplay Clan and ask them to give you some suggestions.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

Kaisa's shirt is made of shimmering fabric that sparkles and looks very good, and it is also highly restored to the original character's skin. At the same time it has a lot of features, including these star-shaped attachments, which all look handmade.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

These gorgeous accessories that come with Kaisa cosplay costumes from Cosplay clans are made of fabric. I found them beautiful but decided to make my own out of resin. At the same time, I used the gold fabric edging and ribbon from the original accessories.
The fabric around the collar is the same fabric used for the shirt, but stiffer so it won't lose its shape.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

The skirt of Kaisa's Star Guardian costume has to be one of my favorite parts! The fabric is beautiful, and it has a gorgeous holographic effect.

Kaisa's stockings and gloves are made from the same silver holographic fabric as the shirts, keeping the color of the full costume accessories consistent and looking better. Gold features and accessories are included in the accessories with a sparkling effect.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

Last but not least, the Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Costume Wrap Accessory includes an accessory for a wig that looks just like the real thing. But I also replaced it with a wig attachment made of resin.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

The Star Guardian Kaisa csoplay costume was a huge hit and has become one of my favorite cosplay ever. I wore it at a League of Legends event, where I posed for pictures with other cosplayers and people in attendance. The quality and design of the costumes have been praised by many cosplayers.
I have to say, this is an all-around satisfying purchase, and a perfect cosplay experience.

Star Guardian 2022 Kaisa CosplayStar Guardian 2022 Kaisa Cosplay

If you want to see more, just check the video review:

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