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Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Mey-Rin Cosplay Reviews


Posted on May 28 2023

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Mey-Rin Cosplay

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Mey-Rin Cosplay Reviews

Source/Author: @atomictot / instagram.com/atomictot

With every costume I order, I am always concerned about the sizing and quality. An online photo can only show so much. Cosplayers can’t pull it out of the screen to see if it is worthy of purchasing. We just have to go with our gut and hope for the best. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my package from online store Cosplay Clans.

For my collaboration, I received one costume and an accompanying wig. I decided to choose Mey-rin from Black Butler to cosplay. The wig itself was very nicely made. The synthetic fibers were heat resistant, making it easy to style with a crimper and flat iron. There was no shedding and the glossiness was minimal. Definitely better than some of the wigs I have bought online.

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Mey-Rin Cosplay

As for the costume, I was extremely fascinated by the technical aspect. Most cosplays I order have a very finicky invisible zipper that breaks within the first use. In place of the zipper, was a stretchy elastic between the bust and torso and two plastic buttons that came together in the back. No need to worry about tearing anything. The apron part of the costume was a bit confusing to figure out at first but eventually I caught on. It stayed together with Velcro, which I liked a lot! Lastly, the costume came with a big white bow that had a safety pin attached to the back for easy placement. I was able to freely move in Mey-rin cosplay costume and it was very comfortable to wear for numerous hours.

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Mey-Rin Cosplay

My only cons about the costume are that it did not come with Mey-rin’s maid headband and that the costume is black instead of the dark blue shown in the anime and manga. I had to purchase a headband separately on Amazon to complete the look. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the items I received. I am 145-150 lbs and I fit perfectly in a size large. Their size chart is accurate to American sizing and I did not feel cramped or that I was going to rip any bit of the stitching. 

If you are looking for quality that matches the price, you are looking in the right place. I highly recommend checking out their products and seeing if you like them yourself!


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