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Yuzuriha Cosplay Reviews | Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku


Posted on June 01 2023

Jigokuraku Yuzuriha Cosplay

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Yuzuriha Cosplay Reviews

Here we are in a new, incredible and fantastic review! I started Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku this season and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this show! So this time we are making a review of Yuzuriha Cosplay from CosplayClans with the great wig from them too!

Yuzuriha cosplay costumes is made in few but very accurate parts! That’s great cause it’s simple but just like the design of the show! It comes with a top, the trousers, a belt with ropes, arm straps, wristband with a arm piece, leg accesories, hair pin, kunai, and the props for the belt.

Most of these parts are made with a polyester and uniform cloth. The whole costume is perfectly sewed with very strong seams and most of it is attached with velcro and elastic bands.The form of the top and both holes on the trousers are important details of the costume and they made it in a very easy and cool way!

Jigokuraku Yuzuriha Cosplay

The two main pieces (Top and trousers) are made with no elastic fabrics so pay attention to the size. The trausers have an elastic on the waist to fit it better to the body and the top is attached with velcro.The belt is made in the same fabric but match they added the rope and all the spaces to make a complete piece that is very easy to wear and make a freat volume. It’s also attached with velcro.The cilinder props that came with the costume are made with foam. You have to put them on the holes of the rope and it’s done!

They also added the leg accesories that are made with uniform cloth too, a little stretchy but easy to wear with a zipper. And we also find a wrist detail and a prop for the arm besides two elastic stripes for the upper part of the arms. All thos little details are incredible and make the details of the character at perfection.

The arm piece is made with foam with elastic bands, but th kunais are made with plastic and you can use the freely or attached on the arms by the bands.
They also sent a pin for the hair to make the pack perfect.

This time, I asked for the S and it was the perfect choice. This kind of wide costumes are always versatile but it must get fitted and creat the volumes corrctly.All the parts are very accurate, easy to wear and the textures and details match perfectly with the whole costume.

Jigokuraku Yuzuriha Cosplay

Yuzuriha cosplay wig is fantastic. The color, the lenght, everything was PERFECT. It’s a purple with a lot of tones! It was very easy to style and give the forms it has on the show!

The wig has a lot of hair and very soft. It’s not shinny at all and perfect for her. It is made of the latest matte high-temperature materialsIt makes easier styling the hair and get the best results!
After using it, if you are thinking on washing it, hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. It’s that simple! hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach.

With all of these points, i think they get a very good product and they get very well the whole look of the design. If you need a custom size, it’s also avaliable.

If you want to see more, just check the video review:

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